Bluebonnet Biewers Welcomes You to Our World !

Dec. 2009
Welcome to Bluebonnet Biewers!   People always ask "what kind of dog do you have"?
 I have BIEWERS ! Biewers (pronounced BIVA--- yes, rhymes with DIVA) is a breed that originated in Germany.  Biewers are sometimes affectionately known as the 'black and white' yorkies.  Biewers are an amazing breed that spread joy wherever they go ! Once you meet a biewer, you will understand the passion that Biewer owners have for this breed !


This friendly, tricolored, Yorkie look alike originated in Hunsruck, Germany in 1984. The first breeders of Biewers were  Werner and Gertrude Biewer.  The breed was initially discovered
accidentally through a recessive piebald gene mutation with two of their Yorkshire Terriers.  Master parents "Darling VonFriedheck" and "Fru Fru Von Friedheck" were blue and tan world youth winners in 1981 at Dortmund.  Their breeding produced a black, white, and golden terrier and thus Schneeflocken Von Friedheck", the first Biewer Yorkshire a' la Pom Pon, was born.

Through selective breeding, Mr. and Mrs. Biewer continued to reproduce this beautiful little dog with all three colors, black, white, and gold in good symmetry.  The belly,chest, legs, and tip of the tail were characteristically white and silky, not curly.  The tail meant to be full with white on the tip.  The back colored black with white in it.

The Biewer breed has a whimsical, light hearted personality and is very playful.  They have calm, unique, confident personality that make them happy little dogs who have individual personality traits that make them extra-special.  Biewers  are non-shedding, hypo-allergenic and are excellent with children and other family pets.   Biewers are not yappy or demanding dogs; they are a very ‘chill’ breed and they make great lap dogs, yet have plenty of energy to keep up with their family.

The United States welcomed it's first documented Biewer in 2003.  The introduction of the breed to the states came with much controversy and questions about their origin and breeding practices, separating them from the Yorkshire Terrier.  Bluebonnet Biewers are committed to honoring the standards set forth by the original breeders.

In 2008, the American Rare Breed Association(ARBA), recognized the Biewer as a rare breed classified in the Toy Companion Group.  The Biewer is also recognized by the International All Breed Club Association (IABCA) and North American Kennel Club (NAKC) as a rare breed.  Biewers are not yet recognized by AKC.  History is being made as the Biewer a’la Pom Pon are being promoted in the United States. As breeders continue to enter the show ring, the Biewer breed will gain acceptance and eventually be recognized by the UKC and/or AKC.